Monday, 16 February 2015

Grand Theft Auto V Graphics comparison

As the GTA V PC launch is coming nearer, and as of now, Rockstar Games haven't provided us with any multimedia or trailer of the game, other than some screenshots, PC gamers might think what new features are waiting for them which were not there in the PS3 or PS4 versions of GTA V.

Here I provide side-by-side comparison of similar scenes of GTA V from the three mentioned platforms so that gamers can compare the graphics and PC gamers can have some joy in seeing that the graphics have really been reworked. 

GTA V FIB Headquarters for GTA San Andreas

Version 1.1 


What's New? 


>FIB signboard with FIB logo( as in GTA V) added in front of the FIB building, with perfect collision file. 

>The uppermost floor balcony of the building can now be accessed from ground, as in the tall round skyscraper next to it!(cleo required) 

>An FBI Rancher car now spawns in front of the building.(Cleo required) 

(If you want the FIB SUV car from GTA V, download and install my GTA V FIB SUV car mod from the link given below in NOTES section, and GTA V style FIB SUV will spawn there 

instead of the old FBI rancher!) 


>High Quality and detailed model of the FIB building in downtown Los Santos, GTA V. 

>Exact the FIB building in downtown Los Santos, GTA V. 

>Perfect and detailed collision mesh for the building. 
>Detailed and exact textures of this building, as seen in GTA V. 

>FIB logo and borders of the building glows at night. 

>Good draw distance- detailed model is seen from a long distance. 

Now you will see a new building, the FIB tower from GTA V, in place of the old LA plaza.


Download This Mod: