Sunday, 12 October 2014

NASA Space Facility & Vehicle Assembly building mod for GTA San Andreas

Version 1.0 BETA


>High Quality and detailed model NASA Vehicle Assembly Building.
>Exact model of NASA Vehicle Assembly Building.
>Working collision mesh for the complex.
>Detailed and well lighted facility.

Now you can find a NASA Space facility, containing the famous NASA Vehicle Assembly Building and lots of other structures, beside the 'Big Ear' radio telescope

"The Big Ear" in GTA San Andreas is a space radio telescope, situated in the bone county, on top of a hill. The quiet and dark place is a perfect place for
a spce facility. So I thought to bring to you a full space facility, with the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building inside it!

Hope you will enjoy...

This is a beta version, I have tried hard to avoid any bugs or glitches, but if you find any, please feel free to contact me anytime, by the ways mentioned below
in the "NOTES" section. Please contact me. Your feedback will help me improve this mod! 


Thursday, 18 September 2014

How To change the default bot model in UDK to any skeletal mesh

Its a very popular question with UDK users, that how to change the model/mesh of the default bots that appear in UDK, to any Skeletal Mesh.
I have seen many tutorials on this, but they are either hard for beginners to follow, or they end up in failure. So I have myself figured out a way to do this, which is very easy, and anyone can do it. 

The default bot model that spwns in UDK by in-game console or Kismet 

1. Open UDK, then open Content Browser. Navigate to your skeletal mesh, which you want to use as bot model.(for example, I am using the IronGuard model that is inbuilt in UDK but does not appear as enemy bots)

2. Right-click on the skeletal mesh and click "copy full name to clipboard." and close UDK.

3. Now go to the UDK folder, then navigate to UDK-(your version-)\Development\Src\UTGame\Classes
then open the file named "UTFamilyInfo_Liandri_Male" by notepad.

4. Delete the line 'FamilyID="LIAM"'.
   Then go to the line: CharacterMesh=SkeletalMesh'CH_LIAM_Cathode.Mesh.SK_CH_LIAM_Cathode'.
replace: SkeletalMesh'CH_LIAM_Cathode.Mesh.SK_CH_LIAM_Cathode'  by the name you have copied to clipboard earlier.(In my case, for IronGuard, it is: SkeletalMesh'CH_IronGuard_Male.Mesh.SK_CH_IronGuard_MaleA').

5. Save this file and run UDK again. It will say that scripts are out of date, and will prompt to update. Update the scripts.

6. In the console, you should see  a line in green, reporting 0 errors and 0 warnings. Then close the console, and start UDK, it will load as normal.

7. Now spawn any bot using the in-game console command (addbots number), or by using Kismet.
    You will see that now, Your model will be spawned in place of the default bots!!(If you have rigged them properly) and will work exactly like default bots,and you can make them do whatever you made your default bots do!

You can see that in my case, IronGuard_Male is attacking me instead of default bots.

Thanks for reading this, hope this helps you all. Please don't hesitate to add your comments below, if you want. If you want to contact me, visit the contact page of this site.