Friday, 25 July 2014

GTA V Clinton Residence (Franklin's House) for GTA San Andreas

Version 1.0



>High Quality and detailed model of GTA V protagonist Franklin's first safehouse.

>Exact model of GTA V protagonist Franklin's first safehouse.

>Perfect and detailed collision mesh for the house.

>Detailed and exact textures of this house, as seen in GTA V.

Now enjoy a whole new safehouse at the Verdant Buffs, which is shown in Grand Theft Auto V as the first safehouse of Franklin Clinton, Near the Los Santos International airport; and also New fences instead of the old, shattered wooden fences
in front of the Johnson house in Ganton, Los Santos!!

Feel free to distribute this mod in mod packs, but be sure to credit me as the author.


If You face an error with Cesar Vialpando's house( a house close to this house, on the same lane), that is, if that house is not showing textures, then download this fix given below, then import the file given in the folder, in your gta3.img, and replace the existing file, AFTER installing the main mod, given above.

Download HERE

Friday, 11 July 2014

Batman: The Dark Knight Gotham Police for GTA: San Andreas

Version 1.0 


>GCPD Cops as seen in The Dark Knight.

>Detailed uniform textures.

Now feel The Fun of Gotham in Los Santos! On commencing crime(Raising wanted level) You will now be pursuited by GCPD instead of LAPD policemen.
This feature is only for the city Los Santos.